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What. Seriously. This might top that Olicity point in SDCC 2014 when Stephen Amell said that Felicity will be the ONLY woman in Oliver Queen’s life this season. Because for all that statement implies (about Oliver’s fidelity towards Felicity…


Where Wild Things Go, chapter 2 ‘stamp of approval’ is up [x]

“It’s Bruce,” Batman replied, almost smiling as he met Oliver’s eyes again. “If we’re all being honest – it’s Bruce.”

Oliver laughed, “Bruce, huh? That’s terrifying, all of Gotham running scared of … Bruce.”

Batman only lifted a cold eyebrow at that, so slowly and with so little emotion that Oliver fell silent, dropping his gaze. It was until he’d turned away that Batman smirked, Felicity following him with a click on heels a second afterwards; as they left the room, she noticed his smirk and laughed out loud, her cheer an odd sound in the mountain, usually filled with such gloom and serious discussion. It was odd, but not unwelcome.

“I haven’t seen Oliver look so scared since … well, ever,” she laughed, glancing at him, “you have to teach me how to do that.”

Batman only nodded more as he led her to the computer. He liked this girl, and the team downstairs were efficient and beneficially enough to earn his respect. This was a good day for the Justice League, and he had a feeling the allies they had just made could be the Leagues strongest assets one day.

Grinning wryly, he glanced over at the blonde, “I think we can arrange that.”

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The Olicity and the Klaroline fandoms are so similar. Those that ship both Olicity and Klaroline know it.

And right now the Olicity tag is vibrating with life and the level of fangirling is out of this world. It reminds me the old good Klaroline days. But in comparison with those days this one is…

Oh my god yes I agree 100%


They’ve never really acknowledged it to each other. They’ve always talked around it. And they came really close in 2x06 Oliver came really,really close,but he was always speaking obtuse.

"I think they are in LOVE with each other." - Marc


I think they’re in love with each other

                                                    -Marc Guggenheim on Olicity


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Anonymous said: Just reminding. Friendly: SDCC 2014 was real. The trailer was real. Stephen's and producer's comments was real. We are not dreaming. Olicity is really happening. Aaand you know what this means? Most of Olicity fics will become true. This is too much. Too friggin much. Dead. Bye. -R.R.




Now, I have had some thoughts. We know for fairly certain that Ray Palmer pursues Felicity in a romantic sense. He certainly does professionally. There’s no doubt to that. For a long time, though, we all assumed Felicity and Ray would be in a relationship. Is this confirmed fact? Maybe I just…


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└►  "You are not done fighting"

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